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Like Rebecca Blake‘s Friday Beygairat brigade’s Aloo Anday is a recent Pakistani version of overnight YouTube sensation. Seems like *Beygairat brigade* is a reaction to the powerful right-wing Pakistani media a.k.a *GAIRAT BRIGADE*. Song may be awful? just like Rebecca’s but delivers a bold message! Apparently the band name came from the idea that anyone, who is not with self proclaimed so-called Gairatmand Gairat-Brigade, is Beygairat.
N. F. Pracha describes in his article the term Gairat (pride or honour) in the context of right-wing Pakistani media as:

It is a term that reflects images and sounds related to the muscle-flexing, big-talking and huff-puffing ways of ultra-patriots, or in case of Pakistan’s electronic media – free-wheeling loud-mouthed charlatans playing the role of fiery dyed-in-wool patriots.

In his article, Mr Paracha gives a detailed background and history of Ghairat-Brigade and concluded his article as:

It is time we say goodbye to this hollow ghairat. We must find honour, dignity and respect through constructive work in the fields of economics, science and the arts, instead of looking for ghairat by crying out war chants, paranoid accusations and waving our skinny wrists and fists while pretending to ride our way to ghairatmand glory on our much cherished nuclear missiles.


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