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Using a Heterogeneous Service-oriented Grid Infrastructure for MovieRendering

With the move of the Grid community towards Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), new challenges appeared regarding the actual development, deployment, and use of Grid services. Even though the foundations for such a move are conceptually clear, applying service orientation for Grids is not simple and executing Grid applications remains a challenging task. In this paper we address three concrete issues regarding a distributed Grid SOA: (1) the automatic deployment of existing application components and new services on the Grid; (2) the semi-automatic wrapping of legacy applications to different target Grid middleware platforms based on state-of-the-art Web technologies; and (3) the actual scheduling and execution of the applications while dealing with heterogeneous low-level Grid infrastructures. We propose two levels of abstractions for specifying Grid applications: formal specification close to mathematical formalism to allow concise problem description and imperative workflow coordination to achieve efficiency and high performance. We describe a complete scenario of a case study for specifying, generating, deploying, and executing an application for image and movie rendering based on the POVRay tool. We report concrete results that show more than 100-fold speedup by executing a POVRay workflow application consisting of 1650 parallel jobs on a nation-wide Grid testbed aggregating up to 232 heterogeneous processors.

Francesco Nerieri ,  Mumtaz Siddiqui ,  Jürgen Hofer ,  Alex Villazón ,  Radu Prodan ,  Thomas Fahringer


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