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Semantically-enhanced on-demand resource provision and management forthe grid

On-demand resource provision can play a significant role in shielding the Grid middleware complexities and leading towards an invisible Grid. However, in the Grid, on-demand provision has been mostly ignored due to the dynamic Grid behavior, multi-constrained environment, and lack of support for a powerful description, discovery, and correlation mechanism. These problems force the Grid users to perform an impractical manual selection of the resources. A remedy is proposed as a dynamically scalable and customizable resource management, with an ontology-based resource description and correlation mechanism. The classic syntax-based symmetric resource description model is replaced with an extensible semantics-based asymmetric model. Now the resources can be clearly described, unambiguously interpreted, and automatically delivered on-demand. A WSRF-based implementation and an OWL-based semantics enhancement is provided with the demonstrations to prove the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
Mumtaz Siddiqui, Thomas Fahringer. Semantically-enhanced on-demand resource provision and management for the grid


Journal  Multiagent and Grid SystemsPublisher  IOS Press
ISSN  1574-1702 (Print) 1875-9076 (Online)
Issue  Volume 3, Number 3 / 2007Pages 327-339
Subject Group Computer & Communication SciencesOnline Date Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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