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Visiting Paris

Visiting some fascinating places while living and studying in Europe is a bonus. I was looking forward for a long time to exploit this bonus which I did last week. I found some economical options to travel from Innsbruck to Paghi (Paris) and from Paris to Barcelona; for this I had to make reservations well in advance.
I started my second journey to Paris with my family on 9th of June 2006 by SkyEurope airline; the first travel to Paris was in June 2005 by train with Ali and Najam. We stayed in Paris for 4 nights as RyanAir flight for Barcelona was available after 4 days. This gave a reasonable time to explore Paris and spending vacations here was a nice experience. The weather of the city in June was awesome. The city of Paris is very rich in history and historic monuments. It provides beautiful views of Seine river and skyscrapers of La Defense from Eiffel Tower.

Seine river is a commercial waterway of France that runs through the central Paris (it reminded me the famous canal that runs through the city of Lahore). Cruising in Paris via the Seine river was a great experience; it provides a birds eye view of various historical buildings and stunning monuments including the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Musee Du Louvre museum of Mona liza, Pont Neuf (Paris oldest bridge) and national assembly building.

The famous Crystal Paramid: an entrance to Lourve

With Mona Liza @ Louvre Museum

Other prominent places we visited are Disneyland and Champs Elysees (the main street of Paris).

Paris can be described with three nouns: Mona Liza, Eiffel Tower, and Seine River!

I was disappointed a little bit about the cleanliness of the city partly because of the fact that:
  1. I believe Vienna and Innsbruck are cleaner than Paris and provides much better living standard 
  1. for years we heard Paris as if it is a city of paradise; a fantasyland that is used a metaphor for cleanliness and standards  

Also its likely due the fact that in Pakistan I was living in Islamabad before leaving for Austria and now I am living in Innsbruck. Islamabad is a great city comparable with some of the European cities if you don’t have to deal with public transport and city officials ;-). Innsbruck is one of the Europe’s small cities with high living standard. I can say it with confidence because Vienna is 3rd in world ranking that provides best living standards; and living standard of Innsbruck is much higher than Vienna (I lived in both cities). Why Innsbruck is not in world ranking then? because its a small city of just 150,000 inhabitants, 30,000 among which are students.
Anyway, I have defined Paris as a city of Mona Liza, Eiffel Tower and Seine River; However this is my opinion and many believe Paris has much more to offer. For instance, Mukhtar Masood in his book “Awaz-e-Dost” talks about Paris in the following words:

پیرس میں دیکھنے کیلیے کیا کچھ نہیں رکھا ھے مگر کچھ ایسے کم ہمت بھی ہیں جو لوور گیلری اور ایفل ٹاور پر قناعت کرتے ہیں۔

“Paris has much more to offer its visitors but there are a few chickens who give up to explore it and settled down just for Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower.”


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