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A Grid Application Development and Computing Environment

We present the ASKALON environment whose goal is to simplify the development and execution of workflow applications on the Grid. ASKALON is centered around a set of high-level services for transparent and effective Grid access, including a Scheduler for optimized mapping of workflows onto the Grid, an Enactment Engine for reliable application execution, a Resource Manager covering both computers and application components, and a Performance Prediction service based on training phase and statistical methods. A sophisticated XML-based programming interface that shields the user from the Grid middleware details allows the high-level composition of workflow applications. ASKALON is used to develop and port scientific applications as workflows in the Austrian Grid project. We present experimental results using two real-world scientific applications to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

Fahringer, T.  Prodan, R.  Rubing Duan  Nerieri, F.  Podlipnig, S.  Jun Qin  Siddiqui, M.  Hong-Linh Truong  Villazon, A.  Wieczorek, M.  Inst. of Comput. Sci., Innsbruck Univ., Austria

Electronic Edition IEEE Explore

This paper appears in: Grid Computing, 2005. The 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on
Issue Date: 13-14 Nov. 2005
Print ISBN: 0-7803-9492-5
INSPEC Accession Number: 8885463
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/GRID.2005.1542733
Date of Current Version: 05 December 2005


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